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Radius Systems & SGN: The H100 Fife Project

Embark on a journey of innovation, sustainability, and a greener future as we proudly celebrate over five years of collaboration with SGN. This enduring partnership has shaped the landscape of sustainable energy, culminating in the groundbreaking H100 Hydrogen Village Fife Project—the world's first green hydrogen-to-homes heating network powered by wind energy.

The Vision Unveiled

Imagine a community where homes are fueled by clean hydrogen, envisioning a future that is both clean and green. In the picturesque Levenmouth, this vision is materializing through the construction of SGN's hydrogen demonstration homes, supplied with 100% clean hydrogen through Radius Systems' Hyperion hydrogen-ready pipes.

The Mechanism

An on-site wind turbine generates power for an Electrolyser, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen seamlessly flows into the new network, providing heating and cooking for 300 homes.

Radius Systems' Role

Radius Systems plays a crucial role in this endeavor, supplying over 14,000 meters of the cutting-edge PP1547-rated Hyperion pipe and 120 precision-engineered gate valves for the H100 Fife trial. Our existing gas networks are conversion ready, enabling a smooth transition from methane gas to hydrogen—a historic moment in creating the world's first green hydrogen-to-homes heating network in Fife.


Leading the Change and Paving the Way Forward

At Radius Systems, we take pride in leading the change with Hyperion, our market-leading pipe designed specifically for 100% hydrogen. Distinguished by its striking blue stripe, it serves as a clear signal of the pipe's 100% hydrogen content, underlining the significance of adhering to hydrogen practices for field engineers.

As Fife emerges as the epicenter of our groundbreaking project, we eagerly anticipate the future, embracing its potential and the positive environmental impact. Collaborating with SGN, we are actively paving the way for a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable world.