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Testing and Commissioning

At Radius Subterra, we understand that ensuring the integrity and functionality of your pipelines is non-negotiable. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of testing and commissioning services designed to meet your exacting standards.

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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Radius Subterra offers a comprehensive hydrostatic pressure test, ensuring the reliability of both gas and water pipelines, regardless of construction materials.

Our commitment includes a Type 2 test for water pipelines, covering all diameters and streamlining the testing process for hassle-free operations. We prioritise transparent reporting with comprehensive data packages and certificates. Adhering to industry standards, including WRc type 1 and type 2 tests, ensures integrity and compliance. Environmental responsibility is central to our practices, aligning with stringent regulations, and we provide complete documentation with full data logging, offering a one-stop solution for reliable pipeline services.

Hydrostatic testing

Advanced Acoustic Pressure Test (AAPT)

Discover the future of pressure testing with Radius Subterra's AAPT technology. Our innovative system revolutionises testing, saving up to 75% of your time with pinpoint accuracy.

Utilising cutting-edge acoustic technology, it includes built-in creep compensation for PE pipes, ensuring precision. The user-friendly AAPT system streamlines the testing process, generating test certificates automatically for speed and simplicity. Trust Radius Subterra for fast, accurate, and hassle-free pressure testing solutions.

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Pneumatic Pressure Testing

Experience the precision of Radius Subterra's pneumatic pressure testing, a rigorous assessment that confirms the air-tight integrity of both polyethylene and metallic gas mains. 

 Our certified GNO2 and Gas Safe technicians ensure expertise in testing and commissioning downstream pipework. Following industry standards like IGE/TD2/Ed4, our drying operations guarantee air-tight integrity. Trust us for meticulous record-keeping and comprehensive test certification. For intermediate pressure gas mains, opt for an additional hydrostatic proving test for extra assurance. Choose Radius Subterra for reliable and thorough pneumatic pressure testing services.

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Enhance the quality and safety of your water pipelines with Radius Subterra's comprehensive chlorination services. Whether constructed from PE or metallic materials, our precision extends across all diameters, ensuring suitability for pipelines of any size. 

Our fully equipped mobile units, tailored to your needs or industry guidelines, feature specialised equipment, water tanks, and calibrated trailers. The chlorination process involves meticulous sodium hypochlorite addition via our dosing trailer, followed by thorough de-chlorination using sodium bisulphite, all complying with Environmental Regulations. Our certified technicians conduct tests, ensuring water supply integrity. We offer water sampling, laboratory testing, comprehensive data logging, and chlorination certification for your peace of mind and safe de-chlorinated water disposal. Trust Radius Subterra for a hygienic and reliable water pipeline solution.

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Ensure the reliability and functionality of your pipelines with Radius Subterra's comprehensive testing and commissioning services. From hydrostatic pressure tests to innovative Advanced Acoustic Pressure Testing (AAPT) technology, we guarantee precision, adherence to industry standards, and environmentally responsible practices. 

Email us now to benefit from our expertise and elevate the quality of your pipeline infrastructure.