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Within the construction and utility industries, the pressure to provide high-performance pipeline systems that are safe, durable, leak-free, and ensure uninterrupted service is ever-present. Innovation stands as the cornerstone for delivering optimal pipe components to construct reliable pipeline networks.

Radius Systems consistently innovates to offer high-quality solutions that are cost-effective, easy to install, enhance safety and jointing integrity, and effectively address key challenges experienced by installers and operators during the construction or maintenance of pipeline infrastructures.

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Hyperion Hydrogen Pipe

Hyperion, the pioneering gas pipe from Radius Systems developed in partnership with the HSE, Ofgem and GDNs is dedicated for the transportation of hydrogen gas. The unique blue stripe makes this pipe easy identify that a blend or 100% hydrogen is contained within.

HYP 180 COIL 2


Discover the revolutionary Anaconda, Radius Systems' next-generation tapping tee solution. Designed to seamlessly connect existing service pipes to newly installed or rehabilitated gas mains, Anaconda boasts an innovative, factory-connected flexible service pipe outlet. Its exceptional capability in navigating changes in service pipe alignment eliminates the necessity for extra joints in the system. Click the button to delve deeper into Anaconda and transform your gas distribution network.

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ProFuse Peelable Pipe

ProFuse® represents a groundbreaking advancement in peelable pipe technology, purpose-built for the secure transportation of gases and potable water within buried pipeline applications. This high-performance solution redefines industry standards with its exceptional joint integrity, robust damage protection, and significant reductions in installation time and costs. ProFuse® ensures a smaller carbon footprint, setting a new industry standard in both gas and water distribution.

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Puriton Barrier Pipe

The market leading pipeline solution for the provision of potable water in brownfield and contaminated land applications, Puriton® Barrier Pipe delivers a fully integrated barrier system in the most challenging of ground conditions.

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Introducing PurgeTee, our patented, ground-breaking solution for mains purging, pressure testing, and bypass construction operations. Crafted in a controlled environment, PurgeTee is factory-fabricated using our range-rated tapping tee with a formed bend on its outlet. This innovative system ensures quick and easy installation, offering a fully welded solution that reduces the number of on-site electrofusion joints, enhancing overall system integrity.

Exciting things are in the pipeline! Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new webpage featuring PurgeTee.

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